The Unexpected Lesson Found in the Austrian Alps

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, at 30,000 feet, it hit me: my sons and I were returning home to Tennessee to an empty house. My husband Matthew, who had passed away four months prior, wouldn’t be waiting at the airport for us as he had done the last time the boys...

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Tidal Waves and Storms… and Getting Through Them

I drove to Cincinnati on a Wednesday morning to see my dear friend Linda, who has been battling cancer for many years. (Please say a healing prayer for her.) I arrived in Cincinnati late afternoon. Before heading to Linda’s, I stopped by our family’s old house and...

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New Sunrises…

My mom and I woke up the kids five minutes before midnight. “Wake up, it’s time,” I said gently, trying to contain my excitement. When I was a kid, New Year’s Eve was a big deal. It still is a huge night of celebration in Croatia, an important one. Or maybe it’s just...

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Exhale the Past and Inhale New Life

It’s the end of another year. For some of us, 2017 was a very challenging year, and, now, the idea of wrapping it up and stepping into the New Year feels good. Hopeful. Uplifting. It feels like what an artist would feel like in front of a new, blank canvas. Of course,...

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How to Transform Your Life With a 5-Step Practice

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