Tajci's Transformational Retreat and Sea Cruise

Croatia | October 13 - 20, 2018
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Spend a week sailing the coast of Croatia and rediscover how to live the life you are created for.


Your host, award-winning music artist, inspirational speaker and transformational coach, Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron, will guide you in a week long physical, mental, emotional and spiritual detox.

The Experience

This retreat combines Tajci’s transformational coaching, inspiration and music with relaxation, luxury and new experiences. You’ll start each day with a guided morning meditation/contemplative time on the ship’s deck.

Following that, you’ll join the group in a daily presentation (a talk, workshop, music, meditation session or a movement class). You’ll spend your afternoons in the most beautiful towns along the Croatian coast, exploring the local culture and breathtaking landscapes.

You can take this time to reflect on what we’ve learned in the daily presentations and to connect with the others joining you on this journey.

In the evenings, we’ll gather for dinner at local taverns with music or enjoy quiet time under the stars. There will be concerts, lavender massages, dancing, and inspiration along the way.

This retreat is all about looking within and embracing new experiences while you discover how to create the life you always imagined living.

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The Sailboat

We’ll be sailing in a luxurious and romantic Ship M/S Paradis, a Supreme Category vessel, 129 ft long, 28 ft wide, with cruising speed of 9 NM. The ship features a restaurant, bar, 3 outdoor showers, a swimming platform, an outdoor bar on a sun deck, and free Wi-Fi. There are two sun decks with sun beds and tables to relax and enjoy!

What’s Included

  • All meals and accommodation in one of the ship’s luxurious cabins
  • Daily coaching sessions, motivational talks, and practical exercises to help you transform your life
  • Daily guided meditations/contemplative time
  • Concerts and dancing events at old-fashioned terraces
  • Movement/ stretching sessions and lavender massages throughout the week
  • Lifetime access to the ‘Be a Rock Star of Transformation’ self-guided online course

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And, the weather in October is beautiful…


Average High: 68° / Low 58° Rain: 7 days of the month


Average High: 70° / Low 57° Rain: 11 days of the month


Average High: 72° / Low 59° Rain: 7 days of the month

What You’ll Learn

Session 1: Connecting

We will explore ways we connect with what’s bigger than us – nature, love, beauty, time and history, our purpose, God…

Session 2: External Shifts

We will experience how removing ourselves from our daily routines and going on a pilgrimage, retreat or a sailing trip, can trigger healing and lasting transformation. We will also look at ways to create this trigger in our own home environment – without depending on crossing continents

Session 3: Internal Shifts

We will explore how our mindset affects our reality and what are the ways to make significant changes in our lives by mindset shifts

Session 4: Practice and Commit to Making a Change

Letting go of the ‘familiar’, no matter how detrimental it might be, is hard. It requires commitment of mind and a daily practice of new habits that support the lasting change

Session 5: Give Forward

When our personal growth and spiritual awakening transform our lives, we find joy in giving and serving others. This feeds continuous growth in love and our lives become series of daily transformations/ conversions. These revolutions help us to heal deeper, love more and serve others with each cycle and each experience.

Session 6: Packing Up the Five Elements of Transformation to Take Home

How do we extend the transformational experience to our hectic daily lives.

Meet Our Team


An award-winning music artist, author, inspirational speaker and certified holistic life coach, Tajci is passionate about helping people through life’s transformations. Her credits include becoming a pop superstar at 19, presenting 1,000+ keynote concerts; and producing TV show “Waking Up in America.” Tajci’s favorite humanitarian causes are ending human trafficking, and rehabilitating survivors of addiction and abuse back to health and love. She grew up in Croatia  and now lives in Franklin, TN with her three teenage sons.


Jana Larkin joins us from Naperville, IL. She brings her love of travel, spiritually fulfilling experiences and her natural gift of hospitality to our team. A detail-oriented person, Jana loves to lead and organize events. She has a diverse business background of entrepreneurial endeavors, which capitalize on her sales and marketing expertise. To give back, Jana has a long history of caring for those in need with a special affinity for the elderly. She is devoted to her husband of thirty-four years and their three grown children.


Izabela and Svemir founded Verbasana yoga studio in Zagreb. A former ballet dancer, and an Indologist, Izabela teaches many different styles of yoga and meditation. Svemir is a Certified Massage Therapist with a Masters Degree in Education, musician, poet and writer who brought Sound Healing to Croatia. The couple loves to give back through sharing their gifts, compassion and love. 🙂


A guitarist and singer, one of the few in the world to have a duet recorded with the legendary Buck Owens, David toured with Ray Price and Willie Nelson, was a featured act at Nashville’s famous Tootsie, and is currently working with Mark Alan Cash and Thomas Gabriel – nephew and grandson of Johnny Cash. David sings with an incredible emotion, is a great (and quite funny) entertainer and knows a lot of songs we will all sing together. His favorite way to give back is to help someone with every-day challenges, and make their day easier.


Will Jordan has been known for capturing moments and photo-journaling His Carpe Diem Photography’s moto is: “We Seize The Moment As You Seize The Day!” Will is the owner of the The Legendary Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor and adjoining Carpe Diem vintage records stores in Franklin, TN, and a friend to many local and national musicians. Will is passionate about restoring old houses and giving new life to all things rejected and ‘broken.’

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Your Sailing Course

8 Days from Split to Bol, Hvar, Korčula, Dubrovnik, Mljet, Pučišća, Omiš and Split

Day 1: Saturday, October 13

Travel: Arrive in Split

  • You will be transferred from Split’s airport or your Split hotel to harbor, where embarkation begins at noon.
  • Get settled in your cabin before attending a Welcome Reception this evening.


Day 2: Sunday, October 14

Travel: Split – Bol – Hvar

  • During the morning sail we’ll gather on the upper deck for a short guided meditation/ prayer.
  • Stop in Bol, a small town on Island Brac, for an optional swim at the Golden Horn. Golden Horn is a 530 m long golden pebble beach said to be the best in Croatia. It is unique in that it changes shape and position depending on the winds.
  • During this time, we will have Session 1 – Connecting as Crucial Element of Every Transformation and LUNCH
  • Head to Hvar. Hvar is one of the most popular islands in the Adriatic and a meeting point for the international jet set. The “Croatian Madeira” is also one of the longest islands stretching along the shores of Croatia. A sightseeing tour of Hvar town shows you the first public theatre in Europe (older than Shakespeare’s theatre in the UK) and many more historical sites.
  • Optional Pizza dinner.
  • Catholic Mass at 7 PM for those who wish to attend. There will be prayer/ meditation time for non-Catholic retreatants followed by spiritual music performance by Tajci (location TBA)
  • Light dinner will be provided in one of Hvar’s taverns


Day 3: Monday, October 15

Travel: Hvar – Korčula

  • After breakfast and morning meditation/ prayer we set sail for Korčula
  • Stop in one of pristine bays for Session 2, optional swim and lunch onboard.
  • Early afternoon arrival to Korčula, thought to be the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo. Take a walking tour through its narrow, cobbled streets full of history.
  • Dinner will be provided at a carefully selected Korcula’s taverns with UNESCO recognized “Klapa” loca music.


Day 4: Tuesday, October 16

Travel: Korčula – Dubrovnik

  • Breakfast/ morning meditation/ prayer
  • Sail to Dubrovnik, “Pearl of the Adriatic”, a UNESCO World Heritage site. While in Dubrovnik, take a walking tour of the old town.
  • Session 3 will be held in a TBA location in Dubrovnik. This location will be a place rich in historical turning points – perfect for reflection on mindset shifts and transformation.
  • Remainder of the day is free for you to roam, think, sit still on the ancient walls and soak in the beauty.
  • Dinner will be provided at Arsenal, one of Dubrovnik’s top restaurants located within the walls with a stunning view of Adriatic. You’ll enjoy uplifting music provided by Tajci and local musicians.


Day 5: Wednesday, October 17

Travel: Dubrovnik – Mljet

  • Breakfast/ morning meditation/ prayer
  • Sail to a quiet spot for Session 4.
  • During lunch we set sail for Mljet Island. Mljet National Park encompasses five types of forest, many species of birds, and two deep lakes, Veliko Jezero (Big Lake) and Malo Jezero (Small Lake). This lovely island was supposedly a favorite holiday spot for the Greek hero Ulysses!
  • Dinner will be provided at local tavern after which we will return to the boat and enjoy quiet time under the stars (as we practice sitting still, being present and going inward.)
  • Evening will wrap with “soto voce” music (“soft voice” singing as popular in Dalmatia)


Day 6: Thursday, October 18

Travel: Mljet – Pučišća

  • Breakfast/ morning meditation/ prayer
  • Morning cruise
  • Break for an optional swim and Session 5.
  • Continue sailing through lunch, arriving this afternoon in Pučišća, a beautiful little town on island of Brac. We will have a “Give Forward” activity that will move many hearts!
  • Tonight, enjoy captain’s dinner onboard.
  • Music and transformational sing-along onboard.


Day 7: Friday, October 19

Travel: Pučišća – Omiš – Split

  • We depart for Omiš after breakfast and morning meditation/ prayer,
  • Omiš’ fortresses are silent stone reminders of the power and might of the infamous pirates who once made their homes and fortunes here. You will have a possibility to book a short walking tour, followed by boarding a small boat and sail into Cetina River Canyon, a protected nature area, continuing to Radman Mills for a local specialty snack.
  • After visiting Omiš set sail to Split
  • Stop along the way for an optional swim and Session 6, with lunch onboard.
  • In the late afternoon we arrive at Split to take a guided tour of the historical center of city which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • A concert by your host Tajci will be organized in one of Split’s beautiful music venues.


Day 8: Saturday, October 20

Travel: Split – Departure

  • After breakfast and morning gathering it’s time to disembark. You will be transferred to Split airport or your Split hotel.
  • Those continuing to Add-On trip to Medjugorje will be traveling to their hotel in Medjugorje.

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We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary and retreat details listed above. Space is limited to 34 participants. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book my own airfare? Where should I fly to?

Everyone books their own airfare. This trip is off season and you can find amazing rates to fly your favorite airline. The best airport to fly to is Split, Croatia. All major airlines will get you to a European hub from which you’ll take local airline like Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa, or AlItalia, etc.).

I am a little nervous about getting from the airport to the ship by myself. How will that work?

The company that we are partnering with, Atlas, will pick people up at the airport with personalized drivers, so you don’t need to worry about arranging transportation of your own. You can, of course, also opt to arrive at the boat using your preferred method of transportation.

Is there a deadline time for arriving at the ship before it leaves the port?
We will have the whole day to arrive and board the ship. The ship leaves port on Sunday and we have pretty much the whole day Sunday to get to Hvar. Everything is really close in Croatia! Even if someone were t miss the ship, we can arrange pickup on land and bring them to the next port. It’s super tame and just magical…like Disneyland, but real!
Do I have to attend all the sessions?

This is YOUR time to relax, to not feel guilty about sleeping in, skipping group activities, or simply sitting for a long time on the deck under the stars. I’ll be giving you plenty of opportunities and guidance how to detox, but I first and foremost will encourage you to follow your own lead.

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