with music artist, speaker and coach Tatiana 'Tajci' Cameron


with music artist, speaker and coach Tatiana 'Tajci' Cameron

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My name is Tatiana, but I’ve always been called Tajci (TIE-chi). I’m excited our paths have crossed. 

I have a unique name (it’s Croatian) and I was always doing things others scratched their heads in confusion – mixing genres in my music, performing shows that were both music and talks, authoring books that came with music, taking people on a cruise that’s both transformational AND entertaining. 

I was told ‘that’s not possible’ and ‘you’ll never make that happen’ too many times.

My favorite was when my record company told me I was their worsts invesment ever. And the next day I won the biggest song competition in my country and became the biggest pop star they ever had.

The thing is, I always found a way to make things happen (I did envisioning and intentional, soul-connected work before I knew it was called that). And when things didn’t turn out the way that felt true to my soul, I’d go back to the dream I dreamed up when I was four – to tell stories through music, move people’s hearts and make our world a little better place. 

I also struggled with life – and experienced many life situations that I didn’t handle well. I didn’t have the tools to help me. But these struggles only made me more curious about emotional pain and the workings of a human soul. I wanted to know how to harness hope and love into something practical – because it was hope and love that always seemed to be able to bring me back to healing.  

After an emotional and mental breakdown in my 30s, I began a healing journey that brought me clarity and prepared me for the roles in which I now serve with passion and purpose: as a successful music and performing artist and author; a mother of three teenage sons; a friend; and a volunteer in my community. 

I create everything on this website (the TV show, online courses, my talks, books and music) with an intention for you to use it as a resource. To encourage you to dig deep inside of you with courage and without shame – before a breakdown (or as  you heal from one). To speak your truth, heal deeper, love more and show up to uplift others.


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