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My name is Tatiana, but I’ve always been called Tajci (TIE-chi).

I am here to support you and walk side by side WITH you.

I toured America with my music (and my husband and our three sons) for 15 years. While on the road, we stayed with families, ate meals with strangers and shared our stories.

As an immigrant to the U.S. I was surprised to learn how many people increasingly felt insignificant and helpless in making a difference, choosing to numb and distract from pain as the result.

But then, there were also many of those who recognized the turning points in their lives as gifts and used them to get out of pain, fear and despair. They ARE making a difference now.

I decided to share their stories and help YOU to do the same.


Waking up from someone else’s dream to live your own with joy and purpose. Facing our fear so it doesn’t stop us from living.

Showing up as who we are and taking off our masks (and doll-shells) with courage and without shame. Speaking up our truth, choosing Love over Fear and no longer playing small.

Saying “yes” to doing our part to make our world a better place. For all.


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