I sat by my Christmas tree and admired how beautifully it was decorated (by my sons). We had just finished baking gingerbread and sugar cookies and making English toffee. My heart was full.

Still… there was a weird feeling of ‘something missing.’ 

I got really still… and peaceful. I considered all that wasn’t happening this year – family visiting, Christmas parties, going out to beautifully decorated little downtown shops and local restaurants, traveling, touring, singing and performing, getting on the plane to see my mom… 

I took a deep breath and turned my thoughts on gratitude. I brought to my attention all that I had at that moment. I have a lot more time with my kids this year, I actually sent out Christmas cards a whole week BEFORE Christmas, and I’ve recorded three beautiful Christmas songs ( the third one is coming out this week!) 

But then, during our book study, as we listened to “Breath of Heaven” together, I realized what I was missing.

A shared experience… of music, food, cookies, Christmas decorations, and, most importantly, spiritual discoveries. The experience of putting my whole self into a song, or serving dinner, or into a meditation, reflection, or prayer and sharing it with others. That sharing brings meaning to all of it. 

I turned to gratitude and I saw that our virtual book study of 25 Gifts for Christmas WAS a beautiful shared experience of so many deep sharings and insights.

One of the 25 Gifts is a gift of surrender. When we surrender the outcome of a situation – when we surrender our attachment to the expectation of what should happen ‘if we do this or that’ – we become more aware of the Grace that will produce ‘miracles.’ 

So, yesterday was the first day of the fundraiser I put together as a Board Member for Nashville Peacemakers. “Bognar&Piccolini” – a gorgeous line of women’s and children’s clothing, and a store that just opened in Nashville – are giving 15% of all purchases to NP. 

I was nervous because Covid-19 is keeping everyone home, and I didn’t have enough time to promote it better. I was getting antsy. But then I decided to surrender my expectations and the outcome that I desired. 

When the women (mothers who lost their children to gang violence) walked in, they felt the love. They learned about the story behind that line – and how the owner bought sewing machines and taught people to sew. People who couldn’t have gotten a job elsewhere. 

I posted on my Instagram:

This made my Christmas! This moment in which love transformed pain into connection and togetherness, compassion, hope and joy. Thank you Clemmie and Andrea and Carmen and Cindy and everyone who is showing up today to shop to give. 


What a blessing to be in a circle where one woman’s creative idea (and courage to make it into reality), becomes a blueprint that the hands of another woman make into a piece of clothing, and on the other side of the ocean, through another woman’s hands it’s unwrapped and handed to a mother who, having suffered herself recognizes immediately the love that’s woven into every fiber of it.

The joy fills the room.

And I’m in tears, wrapped in Love. (And the man who came with his wife says: “Thank you for letting me be a part of it.”

This is the perfect ending for 2020. Together we overcome.


Together we live. Together we heal. Merry Christmas everyone! 💕💕💕

What are you grateful for right now? And in what ways can you surrender this week?



David and I are working on yet another song! Hopefully we will have it available before Christmas. Recently, we released this one:

And for extras, here is Breath of Heaven from my Christmas Concert. 


I had a really great chat about Home Design, Art, and well-being with my friend and an amazing designer and artist Candice Sone of SoneDesign.

She gave a lot of great tips – here are three I loved (and you can use them for gift ideas):


  1. Print a picture of moments that make you happy and put it on the wall where you can see it. NOT a portrait, but a snapshot of a moment.
  2. Make your own piece of art for your office or bedroom.
  3. Clear your piles so they don’t make you overwhelmed and stressed out.

    Watch our full conversation over on my IGTV. 



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Tatiana “Tajci” Cameron is an award-winning music artist, published author, inspirational speaker, and certified transformational and spiritual life coach.

She has many passions and is dedicated to helping others while also creating an enriched life for herself and her three sons. 

When Tajci is not on the road performing gigs, she volunteers with local organizations dear to her heart, spends time with loved ones (often involving music!), and collaborates with other artists to bring creative projects to life.

Tajci’s most recent projects include a meditation CD, an annual retreat & sea cruise in Croatia (that she organizes and hosts), and a multimedia CD/book (Un)Broken: Songs My Father Taught Me.

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